Meter Bases

Replace or Install meter base

Often times after a major remodel of the home, the homeowners find that they need a new meter base to accommodate the additions to the home. Other times, owners of older age homes are required by the city or utility company to update/upgrade their meter base.

Most homeowners assume that the meter base is handled by the city or utility company. They are usually surprised to find that they are the ones responsible for maintenance of the meter base. If you need a new meter base, or the utility company is requiring you to update or upgrade, no problem! Amtec Electric is here it help. We've installed and replaced countless numbers of meter bases. Call Amtec Electric today and we will handle the entire process... easy and simple!

What is a meter base?

A meter base is the unit on the exterior of your home that holds the power company's meter. The electricity from the power company reaches the meter base first, then passes through to your electrical panel. At the meter base, the meter measures the amount of electricity going to the home so that the power company can determine what your energy cost is.

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