About Us:

Amtec Electric was established in September 1982 by Bob Adragna. Amtec Electric has been based in San Clemente since 1985, previously Buena Park in northern Orange County. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on very interesting projects with very reputable companies. We're happy to have worked with the following:

1) In 1988 we made measured lengths of Christmas lighting identified by corresponding numbers to be installed by others on the Brig Pilgrim at the Orange County Marine Institute. We also gutted the Pilgrim of all wiring and re-wired the entire ship.

2) In the late 1980's we began wiring all of the conveyor's for Airborne Express in all of their warehouses from Goleta to San Ysidro. In the late 1990's DHL Express bought the company and we still work with DHL today doing electrical maintenance in all their facilities.

3) We also had the pleasure of doing a conveyor installation in Irvine for Apple Computer before they relocated their headquarters to Cupertino, CA. When they relocated to Cupertino, we dismantled their conveyor in Irvine and reinstalled it in their new location.

4) Along the way we have also done many other projects such as custom homes, residential remodels, the complete building wiring for Shorecliff Auto from the ground up, and maintenance at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church.

5) We also have many lighting maintanence contracts for interior and exterior lighting. We own our own lift equipment, so we prevent you from paying for a lift rental.

In conclusion, we strive for repeat customers. With every call back by a customer, we know that we have done our job right.